Tokyo Portrait Photographer

Are you looking for a Tokyo portrait photographer? I specialize in lifestyle and storytelling photoshoots, capturing amazing moments with couples, families, and solo travelers. If you want to cherishing those memories from your time in Tokyo or the surrounding areas, let me capture it beautifully for you!

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Photographer in Japan

Nature & City scenes captured by Steph V, a Tokyo Portrait Photographer

Did something catch your eye?

I see you are here because you want to keep memories with your loved ones. So please allow me to share my photography passion to help you with that.

I am based in Tokyo/Yokohama area.

So if you are looking into engagementproposalmaternityor family portraits, take a look and get inspired.

Your vision is important too

I like to capture what you have in your vision throughout the year, the season (sakura, hydrangeas, fall foliage, and more), and the location.

If you need help choosing the location, the time I’ll be there to provide some suggestions.

And finally, if you want to know more about my commercial, travel & headshot work, head this way.

I’ll love to hear your ideas or want to book your session; please contact me here, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get a hint of my work and daily life!

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