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Tokyo Proposal Photography

Thinking about proposing while visiting Japan? I’m Steph V, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Tokyo…

The Best Spots To Enjoy Autumn Leaves In Tokyo-

Great spots to enjoy fall foliage and the leaves changing colors around Tokyo, also nice for photography…

Wedding in Tokyo with cherry blossoms

Capturing such moments is both an honor and a privilege. As a Tokyo couples photographer, I strive to create timeless images that tell stories. 

Kimono Photographer Asakusa, Tokyo

Enjoy a day of culture and beauty with a professional kimono photographer and capture stunning memories of the temples, shrines and gardens in Asakusa.

Put on your traditional Japanese kimono and explore the streets with your Tokyo photographer, me! 


Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photoshoots Everything You Need to Know About

Tokyo Cherry blossom Photoshoots. One of the most beautiful times of year in Tokyo is when the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Their beautiful flowers of pastel colors truly let you know that Spring is in the air


In Japan, November 15th commemorates the Festival Shichi-Go-San, which translates as 7-5-3. This commemorates girls at ages three and seven, and five year old boys. 



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