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Shichi-go-san photography

In Japan, November 15th commemorates the Festival Shichi-Go-San, which translates as 7-5-3. This commemorates girls at ages three and seven, and five year old boys. 

Meaning of this celebration

All these odd numbers are commonly considered good luck. Therefore, the festival is aiming prayers for children to grow up happy and healthy. 

What they do

For this day, the parents have their children dressed in their best clothes. It is a custom to have the girls wearing kimono while the boys wear hakama.

Following, a visit to their chosen Shrine and give prayers. In return, the children will receive a bag with candy called “chitose- ame” to guarantee health and longevity to the kids.

Nowadays, hiring a professional photographer is a must. This becomes a special occasion to portray the kids in these clothes, highlighting this day as part of their growth.

Common shrines in Kanto Area

Choosing the Shrine is also important, as you are paying a homage to that deity as well the dates and fees available.


  1. Meiji Shrine, Shibuya
  2. Hie Jinja, Chiyoda


  1. Iseyama Shrine, Yokohama
  2. Hachimangu Shrine, Kamakura


I had the chance to capture this day last year and despite the cloudy weather, I was able to portray the beautiful conexion among the sisters.

They chose the colors for their kimono, walked to the shrine.

I was able to photograph genuine moments during the walk, had individual portraits as well family portraits. 

A combination of candid shots and some posed ones, for the memory or for the grandparents.

It was a nice experience for them, having their hair done and wearing a kimono.

If you are planning to do this festival, I will be happy to help you and be your family photographer for this day, send me a message.