Family & maternity

Family of three wearing a kimono holding hands at the entrance of a shrine in Tokyo
Family portraits in Tokyo
Portrait of mom and son wearing a kimono at a shrine in Tokyo

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and the investment.


I want to begin by saying embrace your family’s ups and downs.

On the same note, my approach when photographing families is about connecting and accepting all the raw emotions, laughter, and grumpiness.

When you choose me as your family photographer, I’ll tell your story through images in your favorite location and season. Tokyo cityscapes or natural scenery.

And how do I do it? When I meet you and your family, I’ll look for the best light and guide you with some poses and prompts. 

This way, I can document candid images.

To summarize, interaction, emotions, light, and location are the ingredients for your family session with me.

Finally, remember no rush, every kid has their own pace. 

This is also how we create memories everywhere we go.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the session like old friends. 

Heartfelt, candid, emotive and meaningful.

Tokyo family photographer